My name is Careena. I am an avid outdoorswoman and outdoors youtuber based in Ontario, Canada.


I have set out on a mission to encourage everyone, especially women and young persons to get out there and learn and practice the skills necessary to make themselves comfortable in the great outdoors. I also created my youtube channel with the intent of creating adventure stories so that those who cannot get out themselves, whether stifled by illness or physical limitations, can experience the adventures from the comfort of their home through my videos.


My love for the outdoors and for nature started at a very young age and continued as I got older. I was always outside, always picking up frogs, bugs and snakes, playing in the dirt and building forts. As I got older I was driving snowmobiles and four wheelers, learning responsible fire-making and how to use tools like knives, axes, chainsaws, etc. I've always had a strong drive to wander and explore. I also remember always wondering how things started; how those in the old days would live without electricity and grocery stores. How did they make their tools, learn the land, thrive without all the modern amenities we take for granted? This is getting broad, but you get the point. I have a drive to figure things out, and being outdoors, challenging myself to push on no matter what nature throws my way, nurtures that drive. 

From backcountry canoe camping trips to hiking and spending time in the woods practicing the skills of Bushcraft, I live and breathe the outdoors life. It impacts the decisions I make, including how I nourish my body, how I spend my time, how I spend my money, and how I stay healthy-active. I eat well so that I can nourish my body for the trips and outdoor activities. I spend my spare time learning about trees and plants, wildlife, how to make things with my own two hands and lots of outdoors skills, and then implementing the things I learn when I can get out on trips and adventures. I try hard to live simply by spending my money only on things that add value to my life, not throwing it away on materialistic things that do nothing but add stress and unwanted maintenance. 


I have recently been able to quit my construction job in order to further my Youtube channel and fulfill my dreams of adventuring all over Ontario and hopefully one day beyond Ontario. I have also worked in horse training (my own business), milking cows, labouring in Stone Masonry and brick-laying, and sign-making. But my goal is to eventually work solely on youtube and start teaching outdoors skills, perhaps combine my love of horses with my love of camping, and some other side-hustles that relate to my passions.


HORSES: I have some other hobbies that connect me to the outdoors. The first and foremost being horses. I have a long history with horses. I've been riding since I was a kid and have grown up appreciating the hard work it takes to care for the animals, the farm, mucking out stalls and then reaping the benefits by enjoying time in the saddle (or bareback in my case... always hated saddles). When I was 23 I started my own horse training business; Careena Alexis Horse Training, ran it for 2 years and then decided I needed something a little bit more sustainable for financial reasons. I'll always have a passion for horses, but my passion for the outdoors is just a little bit stronger these days. 

SPORTS: I've always been athletic, playing all sports. My two favourites were soccer and hockey (I am canadian after all). I played them both competitively throughout my school years until I tore my ACL at 16 and needed reconstructive surgery. When I could no longer play sports like I used to, I reverted back to spending my time with horses, and in the outdoors. 

OTHERS: Playing guitar (I make a lot of my own music for my youtube videos), snowboarding, four wheeling, snowmobiling, ice fishing, building and making things, etc...